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We love our little 2’s at SMA! They are so full of energy and wonder. Our goal is to provide a warm and nurturing environment that will stimulate learning and foster independence. Each 2 year old class will have 10 students with 2 full time teachers who are devoted to your child. Your child’s day will consist of morning playtime, circle time, arts, music, story time and free play recess – all activities that keep our 2’s happy and engaged. Our 2’s will also participate in our weekly Music and P.E. classes. Language development is important at this age and spending the day with children of their own age helps in development of language skills and communication.

Young 3’s, Older 3’s & 4-year-old Classes

At age 3 and 4, children begin to gain confidence in their learning abilities. This is the perfect time to expand each child’s development with age-appropriate structure and routine. Our Young 3’s, older 3’s and 4-year-old classes will
have 12 students with 2 full-time teachers whose goal is to provide your child with many new learning possibilities. Preschool is definitely about our ABC’s and 123’s but there is so much more for our children in this age group to learn. Social skills and problem solving skills are incorporated into our daily routine as our teachers guide students through making decisions, building friendships and working out differences. Each student will continue to increase their academic knowledge of colors, shapes, numbers and letter through group-taught lessons. This is such an exciting time for your little preschooler’s brain development, and we want to help them achieve their goals in fun, multi-sensory ways!


Our Pre-K program is specially designed for those children who will enter Kindergarten the following school year. Our goal is to give children a window in which to view and experience Kindergarten skills and behaviors. We seek to give each student the confidence and ability to work and think independently and be ready to take on the exciting world of Kindergarten!

Our Pre-K day includes developmental centers, share time, circle time, and guided instructional time. Much of our day is spent in small group instruction. The children rotate through our Pre-K classroom while completing language arts, math, art and handwriting centers. This allows our teachers to meet each child at their developmental stage to ensure effective learning. Our Pre-K friends love writing in their journals each week. Journal activities are teacher directed and allow each student to improve listening, following directions, drawing skills and fine motor skills.


Once a week, the children go to music class where they sing, dance and learn some basic music principles. Each class starts with learning about an instrument that coincides with the letter of the week. They are taught singing, listening, rhythm, notes, fast and slow tempos, low and high notes, loud and soft sounds, solfege and many other musical skills through creative and fun activities. The kids also prepare and perform a Christmas musical every year! For more background on our fabulous music teacher click on the staff tab and scroll down to our music teacher’s bio.


Our P.E. class is definitely a favorite of all our students. P.E. class is once each week and is in addition to daily recess time. During this class, we work with the children on their physical development skills and helps them develop their large (gross) motor skills through fun and active play each week. The class is structured in a way that allows children to participate in parallel independent activities as well as group activities. Music is also a big part of our P.E. class. (We believe this encourages students to have fun while they are learning!)

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) recommends all children from birth to age 5 should engage daily in physical activity that promotes movement skillfulness and foundations of health-related fitness. At SMA, our goal is to provide age-appropriate physical activity experiences that can positively impact physical, intellectual and emotional development and encourage a lifetime of movement and fun. To read about our P.E. teacher click on the
staff tab and scroll down to our P.E. teacher’s bio.

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