2021-2022 Kindergarten Enrichment Program Overview

Spring Meadows Academy Kindergarten Enrichment program is a two day a week class designed to offer hands-on learning opportunities for homeschooled Kindergarten children.  Children are nurtured and taught by experienced teachers in a small, structured classroom setting where social interaction is encouraged. 

This program is designed to offer Kindergarten students enriching experiences that will supplement their homeschool studies.  Children will have opportunities for reading and writing, asking questions, seeking answers, critical thinking, and hands-on experiments. 

The Kindergarten Enrichment class will follow the same calendar as the SMA Preschool with monthly letter, number, color, shape and theme focus. The topics will be taught using center based teaching and will highlight Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science. This class will also offer daily Bible instruction and the opportunity to participate in SMA’s weekly Music, PE and Chapel, as well as any in-house field trip experiences.


At Spring Meadows Academy, we value the close ties between children and their families and believe the majority of instruction and learning should come from the home environment. The relationship with our families is extremely important. We encourage communication with the classroom teacher and welcome your feedback.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for? 

The Kindergarten Enrichment class is for students that are at least 5 by August 15th of this school year AND are registered in a Kindergarten homeschool umbrella program, or registered as a homeschool student through their zoned elementary school.  

What days and times do you offer?

The Kindergarten Enrichment class meets with the rest of the SMA Preschool on Monday and Wednesday and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45-2:00.

*Priority is given to the Monday/Wednesday class. A Tuesday/Thursday class will be opened after the Monday/Wednesday class is full* 

What supplies does my child need? 

Students should bring a backpack, water bottle and packed lunch each school day.

What if I have younger or older homeschooled children?  

Younger children are able to be enrolled in the SMA Preschool program.  This program accepts students that are 2 years old by August 15th- 5 year old Pre-K students.  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not accept students older than Kindergarten.

Where can I get info about homeschool guidelines? 

If you are a Williamson County family, please use this link to read more about homeschooling requirements and to find links to other TN sites

What will my student’s day look like? 

A schedule will be given to each family at Meet the Teacher. Students will participate in morning car line for both morning drop off and afternoon pick up. This class will also participate in weekly Chapel, Music and PE. This small group will participate in center based curriculum with various hands-on activities. 

Is my child required to attend a certain number of days? 

A flat tuition rate is paid each month.  Tuition is not reimbursed for days that you choose to keep your child at home, or participate in other activities outside of SMA. Further details are provided in the Parent Handbook. 

Do you follow my child’s IEP?  

Since we are an enrichment program, all children will participate in the same activities.  We do not provide one on one care, or modify our classroom activities for students.  We do not provide any therapy services at SMA, nor do we allow outside therapy to be performed during our school hours. 

What is the tuition cost?  

Tuition is $165 a month. School is in session from September-May with tuition being collected from August-April.